Your Workers Compensation Benefits

Medical Benefits

The Employer is responsible for providing you with a reasonable medical treatment for injuries received in the course and scope of employment. Along with this obligation, the Employer has the right to choose which medical care providers are authorized to provide medical services to you for your injuries. The obligation to pay for your medical treatment is upon the Employer until the authorized doctor believes that you will not get any better through further treatment.

It is important keep in mind that the Employer is only obligated to pay for care provided by approved medical care providers. If you seek medical treatment with a care provider who is not authorized by the Employer, then you will bear the responsibility for payment of any related medical expenses.

Your Workers Compensation Benefits

Wage Benefits

The Workers’ Compensation Act requires that the Employer is obligated to pay you temporary wages while you are unable to work as a result of the injuries received in the course and scope of your employment.

Permanent Disability Award

After you have completed medical care for your injuries and there is evidence of a permanent impairment to a part of your body, then you may be entitled to an award for permanent disability. The award would be based upon a percentage of disability sustained to the affected body part. That percentage of disability translates into a specified number of weeks of disability benefits paid by the Employer.Your Worker’s Compensation Benefits Include:

Future Rights

After an Order Approving Settlement or Award of Compensation, you will have the right to seek additional medical treatment from the Respondent and petition the Court for a modification of the prior Award of Compensation. This right lasts for two years from the date that you receive your last benefit. If you require additional treatment or if your disability worsens, you must act promptly in order to preserve your rights.

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