Workers’ Compensation: What Happens When Your Employer’s Doctor Says You Are at MMI?

If the doctor who is treating you for a workplace injury says that you have achieved maximum medical improvement (MMI) or that you are nearing MMI, you will need to make decisions about what’s next. Knowing how to address this type of employer-doctor decision can have a critical impact on your workers’ compensation claim and possibly your future.

How you proceed after an MMI doctor evaluation can affect your rights and the amount of benefits that you ultimately receive. When you have received an MMI evaluation, it means that the doctor who is treating you for the work injury says that you have leveled out in your recovery. This does not mean that you have fully recovered. It just means that the company doctor says that no additional treatment will help improve your condition.

Even if you have pain and many limitations, and you still need treatment, you can be evaluated as at MMI. If this happens to you, then the employer’s insurer does not have to pay any more temporary total disability (TTD) or temporary partial disability (TPD) benefits. The doctor then makes a determination or evaluation of whether you have a permanent total disability or permanent partial disability and what, if any, is your level of impairment. You may disagree with the MMI but not know how to protect your rights.

Your employer’s insurance company is not necessarily interested in your recovery. Rather, the insurance company works for your employer. It can be helpful to have someone who knows workers’ compensation law and has effectively represented injured workers to stand up for your rights.

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