Workers’ Compensation Claims, Unpaid Medical Bill Balances and Your Rights

Handling Workers’ Compensation Claims in New Jersey and Pennsylvania for More Than 17 Years

Workers’ Compensation is a system meant to help injured workers obtain medical care and lost-wage benefits following workplace injuries quickly and easily. For years, injured workers have been frustrated to learn that, when medical care providers and a third party like an employer disagree on the cost of provided health care following an workplace accident, the worker can be billed for the disputed balance.

In response to this problem, Governor Christie and the New Jersey legislature passed a law barring medical care providers and employers from charging workers for unpaid bill balances following work-related injuries. The law reads, in part:

“Fees for…medical services that have been authorized by the employer or its carrier or its third party administrator or determined by the Division of Workers’ Compensation to be the responsibility of the employer, its carrier or third party administrator, or have been paid by the employer, its carrier or third party administrator pursuant to the workers’ compensation law…shall not be charged against or collectible from the injured worker.”

At The Law Offices of Adam M. Kotlar in Cherry Hill, New Jersey, and Feasterville, Pennsylvania, we are delighted with this new law. It prevents employers, clinics and hospitals from passing along expense to injured workers and their families at what is usually a difficult time, emotionally and financially.

If you were injured at work and have questions regarding your rights regarding medical care, medical expenses, wage benefits or any other issue relating to on-the-job injuries and workers’ compensation, contact our firm. Firm attorney Adam M. Kotlar has handled workers’ compensation claims for more than 17 years, and can handle claims and disputes involving unmet medical care, unpaid medical bills, lost wages, appeals, independent medical exams (IMEs) and all other legal issues relating to Workers’ Compensation.

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