When You Are Hurt on Someone Else’s Property

The Duties of Property Owners in Pennsylvania and New Jersey

In Pennsylvania and New Jersey, as in other states, owners of residential and commercial property have a duty to maintain the premises so as to minimize the risk of injury to anyone legally on the property. A property owner must actively monitor the premises to ensure that there are no dangerous conditions, and must either take steps to eliminate the risk or provide reasonable notice of the potential danger. A property owner will be liable not only for risks that he or she actually knew about, but also for any dangers that should reasonably have been discovered.

Here are the different types of risks for which property owners, managers, landlords and tenants may be responsible:

  • Wet, slippery or damaged surfaces, including floors, aisles, hallways, sidewalks, driveways, parking lots and ramps. This includes torn linoleum or carpet, broken or cracked tile, weakened floors, steps or stairways
  • Exterior surfaces made dangerous by weather conditions, including snow, ice or rain
  • Broken steps, stairs, ramps, decks or other walkways
  • Injuries in muggings caused by inadequate or defective security or poor lighting
  • Trips and falls resulting from inadequate or poor lighting

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