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Trucks come in all forms and sizes, ranging from pick-up trucks to delivery vans to big 18 wheeler tractor trailer trucks. All these different trucks have one thing in common, they are much larger and heavier than your car, and can cause you severe injury or death upon impact.

Large commercial trucks also have different rules of the road and regulations they must follow to maintain safe driving, including the number of hours they log while driving in a given day. Unfortunately, with the economy in the state it is in, and in some cases the greed of the driver or his employer, truck drivers may work over the number of driving hours permitted and cause an accident through fatigue, or they may speed and not observe the rules of the road in an attempt to get to their destination faster.

For these reasons, and others, if you are injured in a trucking accident or lost a family member in a trucking fatality, you will want to seek out an experienced personal injury attorney with knowledge of trucking accidents and the rules and regulations truck drivers must follow. The Law Offices of Adam M. Kotlar, LLC, provided experienced representation to clients throughout eastern Pennsylvania and New Jersey who have been injured in a truck accident. To schedule your complimentary consultation about your truck accident claim, please call us at 856-751-7676.

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New Jersey truck accident attorney Adam Kotlar, and his team, have experience representing trucking accident victims, and their team approach ensures you receive the full benefit of their combined experience. For additional information about the quality of service we provide and the benefits of engaging our law firm, please visit our Benefits of Retaining page.

We have extensive experience with truck accident claims and can assist you with your trucking accident injury claim, including those arising from the following:

  • Truck accidents involving truck driver fatigue
  • Commercial truck accidents involving drugs or alcohol
  • Big rig collisions involving tire blowouts or other defective parts on a truck or trailer
  • 18 wheeler accidents stemming from improperly loading the truck’s trailer
  • UPS van, Fed Ex van or Postal van accidents caused by speeding or other moving violation

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