Six Ways Motorcyclists Can Avoid Injuries from Drunk Drivers

There are plenty of hazards out there for anyone driving on the road, but motorcyclists are especially vulnerable to any hazardous driving. Like all of us, motorcyclists need to be aware of drunk drivers. The website Ride Apart has these suggestions for motorcyclists to help avoid drunk drivers (and it’s good advice for everyone else too):

1. Stay Off The Road
We have a good idea where and when drunk driving is likely to occur: on holidays, in areas where there are bars and restaurants, where there is little public transportation. The safest course of action during times when drunk driving is likely to happen, in places where it’s likely to happen, is to stay away. This restricts your freedom but may end up being very good for your health.

2. Major Routes
Accidents are likely during the highest traffic levels on the busiest roads. Taking less busy routes at a lower speed may add time to your journey, but it shelters you from the majority of traffic, while reducing the speeds at which everyone around you is moving. It’s much easier to avoid a drunk driving through a stop sign if you’re going 25 mph than if you’re going 60 mph.

3. Intersections
These are areas that are especially dangerous for all drivers, but especially motorcyclists. Someone hitting you going in the same direction may be less dangerous than being T-boned by a driver coming from either side or straight at you. Take your time driving off when the light goes green or at stop signs so you can be alert to pedestrians crossing the road and drunk drivers coming down the road.

4. Coming To A Stop
Control the speed of traffic behind you by coming to a controlled stop. Don’t race to an intersection and and slam on your brakes. Flash your brake light. Stop between lanes, not in the middle of them. Do everything you can to avoid being a sitting duck.

5. When You See a Drunk Driver, Stay Behind
The warning signs should be well known to you (weaving, unpredictable use of the throttle and brake, stereo up loud, driver all done up for a night out, car full of party goers). If that driver is in front of you, you’re in a better position to control the relationship with that vehicle. If you pass the car you risk it swerving into you and having to deal with it at intersections up the road or the drunk driver may feel like racing you just to add more fun to the night. Stay well behind and stay patient.

6. If You’re Hit, Call The Police
As soon as you’re able call the police. Drunk drivers often will not stick around for fear of arrest. Tell the police you think the driver may be drunk and why so the officer may use a breathalyzer or blood test. If you’ve been injured, seek medical attention right away and call our office so we can discuss your situation and your legal options.

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