Postal Worker Dog Bite Results in Northern New Jersey Residents Having to Retrieve Their Own Mail

Residents of four northern New Jersey homes in Rochelle Park must retrieve the mail on their own because one of the resident’s dogs, a chocolate Labrador named Max, attacked a mail carrier last month. The attack left the postal worker with several bite wounds.

Owner Joan Patti stated that she was attempting to tie Max in the front area of the house when he broke free, bolted toward the mailman, and then left six severe bite wounds on the man’s arm.

In the aftermath, the USPS deemed that the dog owner’s home, and three neighboring homes, were too “hazardous” to approach, and suspended postal service — though delivery remains unaffected in the remaining areas of the tight-knit community.

We only suspend delivery as a last resort and only as absolutely necessary,” said George Flood, U.S. Postal Service spokesman for north Jersey.

5,500+ carriers were bitten by dogs last year in America. 63 of those incidents occurred in northern New Jersey, according to the USPS. Similar incidents include:

  • USPS being suspended for an entire block in Cedar Rapids, Iowa, after a Chihuahua mix attacked a mailman five times
  • In Concord, N.H., a pit bull mix attacked a mail carrier three times
  • Mail service was halted from being delivered to 16 residents in South Dakota because of a canine attack on one of its workers

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