Motorcycle Crash Statistics in PA

The number of licensed motorcyclists continues to increase. From 2004 to 2013, the number of licensed riders increased 100,000 to 860,377 Pennsylvania residents. And they enjoy riding Pennsylvania’s 120,000 miles of roadways and highways!

However, motorcycles are synonymous with danger due to the troubling statistics surrounding accidents and fatalities regarding motorcycles. These types of crashes are proportionately fatal far more often than passenger car accidents. For example in 2012 (the last year statistics were available), 118,359 passenger cars were involved in crashes, with 574 fatalities. For that same year, there were 4,095 motorcycle crashes with 210 fatalities.

In accidents involving motorcycles, 77% of riders are hit from the front, with only 7% being struck from behind. More than 50% of these crashes are caused by another vehicle taking a left turn in front of the cycle, while 75% involve another motor vehicle simply not seeing the motorcycle.

The draw of riding a motorcycle is also the drawback, safety-wise. When you ride a motorcycle, there is nothing between you and the air. There is a feeling of freedom riding a motorcycle that cannot be replicated by riding boxed within a car, surrounded by metal. However, the motorcycle rider is also not protected; no barrier between the elements. This is what accounts for the severity of many motorcycle crashes.

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