Distracted Driving: Preventable Injuries Adding Up

By: Victoria A. Schall, Esq.

We all have them: cell phones.  While most of us understand that using a cell phone while driving is dangerous, many continue to engage in daily distracted driving, endangering everyone on our busy roadways.

Distracted driving includes any activity diverting a person’s attention from driving their car, including texting, using a hand-held cell/smart phone, eating and drinking, talking to passengers, grooming, reading, using navigation systems, and adjusting the music.  However, as text messaging requires visual, manual, and cognitive attention from the driver, it is by far the most complex distraction.

As stated by the state’s Acting Attorney General, John J. Hoffman, out of some 3 million motor vehicle accidents in New Jersey between 2004 and 2013, nearly half – 1.4 million – involved driver inattention. And during that same period, more than 1,600 people were killed in car crashes where driver inattention was a major contributing factor.[1]

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[1] http://www.nj.gov/oag/hts/distracted-driving.html


  1. 2-6-16
    Hi Victoria!

    I just read your blog about cell phone~~related accidents. Ironically, I was just in your office a few days ago to open a suit against a girl who hit me while I was completely stopped at a red light because she was texting. (She claims her foot slipped off the brake pedal, but there was no attempt on her part to stop her car~~no screeching of brakes before she slammed into me.) She caused damage to my vehicle and re~injury to an issue with my back.

    Without writing the particulars of my case, I decided to sue her because 10 days after the accident, she almost hit me again at another traffic light on the same street! This time I carefully watched her as she drove behind me. There were 2 close calls because she was looking down toward her lap~~not up and through the windshield to see the traffic in front of her. I was in a different vehicle because my van was still in the shop for repairs from the accident.

    I did get out of my car and tell her off for still texting while driving, especially after driving into my van like it wasn’t even on the road! I’m also sure she has the entire event recorded on her phone.

    I was, and still am, shook up from her hitting me the first time. The last time I was hit was 30 years ago, and I was stopped at a light. It took a long time for me to feel safe behind the wheel again. Now I feel like everyone is texting and going to hit me.

    This girl doesn’t have a care in the world about the pain and issues she caused another person because of her careless attitude and reckless driving. She just continues to text and drive. And she filed a complaint against ME for harassment!

    I believe there should be a law that mandates police immediately take cell phones and other devices as soon as there has been an accident, especially in obvious cases like mine. I saw 2 devices on her front seat and lap after she hit me the first time, and she clearly had her phone in her hand when she almost hit me the second time.

    Thank you for making this blog available for people to post their opinions, and for being such a compassionate and professional attorney.

    Teri C.

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