Deeds 4 Good Deeds

DEEDS 4 GOOD DEEDS is a way for you to help local charities while conducting your normal real estate transactions. For every real estate deed I prepare, I will donate $10.00 directly from my proceeds to a selected charitable organization.

No additional fees are being charged to any of parties involved with the transaction.

With each order that is received, my office will prepare the standard form Deed, Affidavit of Title and Seller’s Residency Certification/Exemption. All Deeds are individually reviewed by a licensed attorney and countersigned for recording purposes. The fee for the deed is not collected from the seller’s proceeds until the time the transaction is closed. The fee is competitively prices at $125.00 for all of the documents.

Deeds for Good Deeds

DEEDS 4 GOOD DEEDS has been structured to ensure that you receive the quality of service you have become accustomed to while ensuring financial support for local charities. The process is simple.

All you need to do is select my office to prepare the deeds for your real estate closings. Once you have made that choice, you will be asked to complete an authorization form which will be sent to your chosen title company or processing company.

From then on, no additional action is required by you. The title company will coordinate directly with my office for the preparation of the documents and I will deliver them to the title company directly. In most cases the documents are prepared and sent within two business days. If necessary, the documents can be expedited at no additional charge.

Each month my office will choose a local or national charity in which to donate that month’s proceeds. I am dedicated to giving back to the local community and would be happy to discuss adding on other charities to this program.

To begin helping local charities at no cost to you, please complete the authorization form and fax it to me at 856-751-7676.

If you have any questions at all, please contact me at